Friday, September 23, 2011

Bandung Death Fest #5

Bandung is a city of music that has been widely known by the people of Indonesia even abroad. Lots of music events in the title in the city of Bandung which until now has been the most musical events in waiting. Having successfully held events BANDUNG BERISIK # 5 which has been sucking up to 30 thousand metalhead from all over Indonesia, is now a grand event will be held again in the city of Bandung. 

Yup. BANDUNG DEATHFEST # 5 will be in the title of friend. A special event for the Indonesian death metal music lovers, especially those located in Bandung, of course.This event is monumental when viewed from the initial implementation in 2006, precisely on June 11, 2006, because the event is really the starting point of how the genre of death metal music became so well known and highly viscous feel in the atmosphere of underground Indonesia, especially Jakarta today. 

After missing in 2010, the design to hold BANDUNG DEATHFEST # 5 has been started in wacanakan at a meeting several weeks ago at Rice Gallery Bandung by comrades BDM (Bandung Death Metal). BDM Hospitality continues on in the House on August 14 Indonesia 20 011 Sues ago, the preparation towards the implementation is completely in the beginning with the formation of the core committee. Almost all of my friends from various regions BDM Bandung contributing to the hospitality event. 

From the discussion at that time, the result has been settled that the implementation of the grand event BANDUNG DEATHFEST # 5 will be held on 20 November 2011, and about the place of execution is likely to be held in a military environment in the area Cicalengka, East Jakarta. 

Just leaked it, BANDUNG DEATHFEST # 5 will be featuring about 15 bands brutal where 3 of them come from outside Bandung (Indonesia could also be from the outside, because according to the confirmation that CONDAMNED been very very very want to be able to perform at this event), 2 bands dedengkot Bandung, Bandung and 10 other local bands will be selected through the audition process at no cost a penny. The method is put forward not audition without cause. It is common knowledge that the city of Bandung is arguably warehouse metal musicians, especially death metal. Comrades in the BDM is to provide an opportunity for new bands to move forward, appeared in front of thousands of metalhead, playing their own works. 

Seeing the rough schema in wacanakan, according to his colleagues at BDM that this event will become a basic need of the metalhead great, especially the lovers of death metal, where visitors can expect to reach 20 thousand people. Certainly will be an event that carries the greatest music from just one genre of death metal music. 

A historic moment full of sweat. An event which certainly has established that Bandung is the capital of Metal Indonesia. Presale ticket sales will begin in the open in early September 2011, certainly at local distros Bandung and also some of the ticket box outside Bandung. So, for you, fellow music lovers death metal so it feels obliged to be present later .. JOE O is very likely going to attend a friend .. 

So, do not be a loser for you all the metalhead Indonesia and shall present in the most eagerly awaited event each year this.

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